Team Martinez for Life!

How we met...


Ruben and I actually went to high school together.  Much to his dismay, I don't remember him from high school!  After all, how could I NOT remember the captain of the football team!  (his words not mine) Lol  I was out with a girlfriend one night for our town's bike night and Ruben was talking to someone I DID remember from high school (hehe).  I said "Hi" to person I did remember and continued walking.  On the way back the same person called me over to chat. 
Now, this next part has been a point of much debate!  When I asked later in our relationship if he had his friend "call me over" to "talk" so HE could talk to me he denied it, with a BIG FAT smile on his handsome face!  When I asked again, post a few margarita's that he had, he totally admitted to it!  Hmmmm.... 

Either way we would both agree that July, 23 2008 was one of the best day's of our life's.  We still love cutting loose at bike night and he still looks hot as hell on that Harley!

*If I used your pic and didn't give you credit please let me know and I will be sure to post it:)